Jumping right in

I’ve been forever thinking that I need to start blogging. The problem is that I usually think the blog posts in my head and never actually get around to writing anything. So here’s to stopping procrastinating and I’m hoping I can actually stick with it.

I never know where to begin. Its not only the first post that’s the hardest. Its the ones that follow, as well. Its getting started and following a coherent train of thought. When you do manage to piece together a statement of sorts sometimes what happens is that people still think you’re crazy. Often because they don’t subscribe to the same thoughts as you do. Mostly, and not to seem rude or narcissistic, they’re just stupid. Or not necessarily stupid but they just don’t grasp even the most seeming basic concepts.

Its all perception, really. Everything that happens in the world around us, through our eyes, is our perception of reality. Other people, seeing the same things at the same time, can have a completely different perception and a different reality; but  reality, none the less. And of those two realities, one is deemed normal and one is deemed abnormal. That’s one of the problems in the psychiatric field. They base normal on their version of reality, their perception, their take on it. Yet, they are themselves abnormal in the eyes of someone else, so how can they begin to try define what is normal?





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