I’m not good at writing about me pages. Mostly because, in my opinion, people really don’t care about the authors background story. And I really don’t have a story, per se. I’m not into the whole “ASL” bio, not to seem rude but I couldn’t care less about the next person’s personal info and background story, they have no reason to care about mine. Its not like the every day ordinary Joe (such as myself) has some uplifting and inspirational story that will touch the hearts of millions. I sure don’t. My life story sucks but it is what it is.

I think what I think. I am open to a reasonable debate but if you’re acting stupid and can’t understand basic concepts or logic then I don’t give a crap what you think.

I write what I think. If you don’t like something I write, then move along. I don’t intentionally try to offend anyone, I often have strong opinions, you can’t please everyone. So if you don’t like me, then who cares?